Risk Management

Champion of Responsible ROI™ Loreen Sherman paves the way forward on risk management for robust, consistent analysis of critical factors. Born in Calgary, AB surrounded by oil she inherited an entrepreneurial-pioneer spirit. She knows risk mitigation and shares with industry her insights from 30+ years of interdisciplinary experience.

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Management Consulting Services

Sherman helps clients achieve their business goals. Certified as a management consultant, she applies her knowledge to support clients who need a risk management system by helping them refit or rework their existing risk platform. She collaborates with decision makers to identify operational or project risk factors to improve their risk management system and reduce the impact of variable measurements.

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“Loreen hit the mark, she got to the very heart of what makes us tick, she got to the meat of what will make us better and has put us in the position of what we want to be by following some of her recommendations”

Laurent St. Louis, CEO/President, West Rock Safety Ltd. Calgary, AB, CA

Achieve Your Business Objectives

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Find viable solutions to reduce project failure, engage in community interactions and better meet the performance standards of excellence.

Responsible ROI™

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Title and Description of Keynote Speech
Minimize Risk with Responsible ROI™
Project failure in the petroleum industry is typically at 38%. Managing risk is never easy but with the right tools a risk manager can be more responsible and effective. Responsible ROI is the right tool to help control risk and increase the confidence of processes. Learn how Responsible ROI can protect your next project against the potential loss of productivity. Learn how higher accuracy in risk measurements could increase finding new plays by 1%, resulting in millions of dollars saved in
exploration costs and reduce excessive indirectcosts. Growth and opportunities exist with responsibly managed risk. Be risk informed.


Industry Speaker

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Faculty certified with the Apollo Group many of her sessions can be applied to earn CPD, CEU and PDH credits.

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 “Leading is a Planned Action, Planning Outcomes Star-Ting with Responsible ROI™”

— says Loreen Sherman