Meet Loreen Sherman

Born in Calgary, AB Loreen Sherman grew up surrounded by oil and inherited an entrepreneurial-pioneer spirit. Now with over 30 years of interdisciplinary experience she provides strategic advice to help reduce complexities, find sustainable solutions and increase management and leadership performance with candor, trust and integrity where people intersect process.

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Increase your company’s operating value and uncover ways to become stronger and thrive in this increasingly competitive market.


Executive Coaching; Executive Video Assessments; Organic SEO; Management Performance; Reputation Management; Risk Management; and Succession Planning for Board and Decision Makers; CEOs, Owners, Presidents, Principals, VPs and High-level management.

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Leverage Your Resources

Loreen provides relevant services designed to help you leverage your human capital and optimize your resources.

  • Combining traditional data gathering methodologies with more innovative techniques for both quantitative and qualitative research and analysis.
  • Applying diagnostics to executive leadership, workgroups, teams, culture and tactical areas.
  • Aligning with organizational goals, objectives, and outcomes.
  • Creating measurable value and validating core competencies across business functions.
  • Improving organizational performance.
  • Adding clarity of organization’s vision and strategic intent.

Achieve Your Business Objectives

The purpose of a natural video is to get an in-depth assessment in an interactive, impromptu discussion. The information gained by conducting these assessments can identify numerous areas for short-term gains and development for long-term professional opportunities.

Success in the business unit requires a progression of competence to determine how effective each person does his/her role, responsibility or work activities.

The Executive Video Assessment is a diagnostic instrument that provides useable and executable results.

“On-camera, real-time feedback is over the top!” Carmen Goss, President, Prominent Personnel Ltd.

Direct Management Consulting

Shave layers off your investment cost with direct source management consulting. Traditional consulting services uses pen and paper only.

Sherman’s new and innovative hands-on direct management services provide the personalization to adapt the program to meet your needs while fulfilling industry standards; and lead to sustainable development, growth and solutions.

An array of diagnostics is used to target your goals so less time and less money is spent on each consult.The performance advantages and reduced costs are rolled over directly to her clients.

“Loreen hit the mark, she got to the very heart of what makes us tick, she got to the meat of what will make us better and has put us in the position of what we want to be by following some of her recommendations”

Laurent St. Louis, CEO/President, West Rock Safety Ltd. Calgary, AB, CA

  • Would your company benefit if you could allocate resources more efficiently?
  • Would your company benefit if you made informed decisions?
  • Would your company benefit if you improved lines of communication?
  • Would your company benefit if you pinpointed issues?
  • Would your company benefit if you confirmed perceptions?
  • Would your company benefit if you had a succession plan?

Then, Loreen can help …

Leading is a Planned Action, Planning Outcomes

— says Loreen Sherman

Loreen Sherman’s reputation is well known in Calgary’s community. She provides after-sale service knowing that each client matters.